Daily Inspiration #9

Seriously I don’t know why I call this daily inspiration, it’s obvious that it is not daily at all but whatever.
Hey guys!
I have something to tell you! So next Monday I’m starting a new series in the blog called outfit of the day. Basically I will post almost daily some photos (2 or 3) of what I’m wearing that day. Now you tell me what you think about that idea!
But anyways here is my inspiration for this week, hope you have a great weekend and talk to you Monday. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

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5 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #9”

  1. Ai a primeira imagem!! Adoro amoras eheh
    Acho uma boa ideia começares essa nova rubrica, é sempre bom e acabas sempre por inspirar alguém!

  2. Adoro a segunda imagem *_*
    meu filme preferido com a minha atriz preferida *_*

  3. belas imagens! aquelas amoras já se comiam :)

  4. love the outfit :3


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